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Purchased myself a sticker maker, and made some cute mustache stickers! These will be free gifts in online orders!

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I tried 'American Ninja Warrior' and failed miserably  again

Both feet!"  There's clearly some disconnect between what I think my body is doing, and what my body actually did. With outstretched arms frantically grabbing at the top of the step, I missed and fell into the pool. It was almost move-for-move my performance from 2016.  As soon as I jumped out, soaking and cold, Drechsel was there.  "What happened!" he exclaimed, and I immediately felt bad for disappointing his coaching. I gave him a dejected "I don't know," and he explained what happened: Instead of jumping with both feet like his minutes of training had taught me, I hopped forward with my right leg, locking it on the step. It catapulted me backward.  Here I am, getting a sticker from "American Ninja Warrior" hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila for failing on their show. I didn't have time to ask him more about it, because as I turned around, there were the show's hosts, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila joking with me about my performance/lack thereof.  "Here, you deserve a sticker for that!" Iseman said has he handed me an ANW sticker. And then, in one of the coolest moments of my life, he went into announcer mode and delivered commentary on my run, as the cameras were rolling. "Amy, who gave a valiant effort in the subzero temperatures out here, a heroic performance that only words can really do justice to," he said.  Valiant, sure. I'll take that. But I have no cocky or hopeful "I could do better" thought left in my mind, so I'll just admit it: I can't do "American Ninja Warrior," but I'm grateful for the chance to fail. Just for funsies, here's a gif of my biff.

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